Bishop Christopher E. Richard
We in the Old Catholic Paulists understand that there are many who do not belong to a
specific church or denomination, or who feel alienated from a former church that they have
belonged, yet are in need of a Priest to perform a Catholic or Christian Service,
such as a Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist, Marriage, Anointing, or Funeral.

We also understand that not all may be very “religious” and that their needs and requests may
differ from the “traditional” Catholic or Christian Service.  We know that trying to plan for any
Service is hard enough without a Priest adding additional  requirements or demands.  We are
flexible and are willing to work with the faithful and to accommodate their individual needs and
desires; within the context of Christian worship.  

Should the occasion arise when you or a family member is in need of a Priest to perform a
Catholic or Christian Service, please call and we will be glad to serve those in need.

Please see all the pages of this website for descriptions of the Sacraments and our
Services Available. We are available to serve your needs by offering Services at your home,
a funeral home, cemetery, restaurant, banquet facility, or other place of your choosing.
I can be reached through the "Contact Us" page,

or at:

or by calling:   518.859.5710

God Bless!   Bishop Richard
Serving the Capital District and Upstate New York
Capital District, Saratoga, Lake George, the Adirondacks, the Catskills,
Central New York, and the Finger Lakes Region.
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Serving Those in Need
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Old Catholic Order of Paul the Apostle
The Old Catholic Order of Paul the Apostle (“Old Catholic Paulists”) is a Monastic Order
of Old Catholic Priests in the tradition of “Clerks Regular”. It is the mission of the Old
Catholic Paulists to serve God’s people “where they are”, both physically and spiritually; just
as the Patron, Paul the Apostle, served.

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