The Sacrament
and honor their bodies; as well as try to provide a measure of hope and comfort for the family and
friends of the deceased.

The modern funeral service, or Liturgy of Christian Burial, focuses on the fact that life has
changed rather than ended; and that the decease's soul has left this world and entered into the next.
The main theme is on the resurrection of the soul, and the reuniting of the soul and the body on
the last day.

The service consists of the blessing of the body and reminder of Baptism, the liturgy of the Word,
sometimes the liturgy of the Eucharist, prayers for redemption, sometimes a eulogy, final
commendation, and committal service.
Services Available

  • Catholic Funeral Mass
  • Catholic Non-Mass Funeral Service
  • Christian Non-Denominational Funeral Service
  • Memorial Service
  • Graveside-only Service
  • Committal Service
  • Vigil Service at the Wake

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