This Sacrament is also known as Confession or Absolution.

Jesus died on the cross died for all our sins, but such forgiveness must be asked for and requested,
and the intent of sincerity and desire for reconciliation must be present.  

We recognize three means of receiving forgiveness: Personal prayer to Jesus directly,
silent prayer and absolution at the Eucharist, and private confession and absolution with a Priest.

Reconciliation gives one a wonderful sense of freedom and peace from the burden of sin. Sorrow,
affliction, and a desire for conversion follows the remorse of sin in those with a contrite heart.  The
experience brings a sense relief and peace, and gratitude to our Lord for his grace, love, compassion
and mercy.
The Sacrament
Services Available
I offer General Absolution during the Penitential Rite of the Holy Mass,
at all Sunday and Holy Days Masses.

I am also available to meet with you for Private Confession and Absolution.
I can be reached through the "Contact Us" page,
or at:
or by calling:   518.859.5710

God Bless!   Bishop Richard
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