Bishop Christopher Richard
I specializes in serving those Catholics and Christians who are not affiliated with a church, or have
spiritual or sacramental needs that are not served by their church. I serve those in need without many
of the religious requirements that many churches impose. I try
to be non-judgemental, while at the
same time upholding scriptural teachings.

If you are in need of a Clergy for a Sacrament or Service, please contact me soonest.
Available to Speak
I am available to speak at you church, religious organization, civic organization, or private function.
My messages are scriptural, with the intent of showing how these scripture are applicable to our lives
today. Please contact me to schedule a speaking engagement.
I can be reached through the "Contact Us" page,
or at:
or by calling:   518.859.5710

God Bless!   Bishop Richard