The union of a man and a woman is natural. The love and friendship between a man and a woman a
union of heart and soul, to provide stability for themselves and their children. Children are the fruit
and bond of a marriage.

The bond of marriage between a man and a woman lasts all the days of their lives, and the form of the
rite consists of the mutual exchange of vows by a couple, at least one of whom have been baptized a
Christian. The Priest serves as an Officiant for the couple.

Jesus stresses the importance of the marriage bond in his Ministry. The importance of marriage is
substantiated by the presence of Christ at the wedding feast of Cana. It is the Apostle Paul who
identifies the marriage of man and woman with the unity of Christ and his Church.

As the belief of the Church is that this Sacrament is to be celebrated between one man and one
woman only, we do not Officiate at same-sex ceremonies.
The Sacrament
Services Available
I am available to Officiate at Catholic weddings in the Capital District, Saratoga, Lake George, the
Adirondacks, the Catskills, Central New York, and the Finger Lakes Region.
I request to meet with the Bride & Groom prior to the wedding. If the Bride & Groom live out of the
area, then the planning can be done by telephone and e-mail.

Those who have been previously married, and are legally divorced, are welcomed to receive the
Sacrament of Marriage;
without pre-conditions, such as an Annulment. We do not dwell on the past,
but look to the Mercy of Christ, and look to the future.

The wedding can take place at your reception venue, a church or chapel, a garden or park setting, a
restaurant or banquet hall.

I offer the following ceremonies, which can be personalized, for your "special day":
  • Catholic Mass Ceremony, with Exchange of Vows & Rings
  • Catholic Non-Mass Ceremony, with Exchange of Vows & Rings
I can be reached through the "Contact Us" page,
or at:
or by calling:   518.859.5710

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